Seven Sights To Czech Out in Prague

The Czech Republic’s capital city, Prague, is a colourful place bursting with historic architecture, charm and an abundance of food to die for. The city is considered one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe with many of its cultural attractions surviving the chaos and viciousness of the 20th century. It’s a place where you won’t mind getting lost as every corner presents a new, beautiful sight and each street is home to quaint shops with enticing window displays. So, plan to ‘Czech’ out Prague – one of Central Europe’s top cities.

From our time in Prague, we can highly recommend the following city attractions:

1. Charles Bridge


Jessy on the Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic.

Ah, the Charles Bridge – the most famous architectural sight to see in Prague. And, I must solemnly add, a sight somehow uncaptured on camera by both Daniel and I. Instead, it was clearly the historic, stone bridge’s stunning view which stole the show for us! The Charles Bridge is a fantastic place from which to eye-up the city’s many spires, observe the nearby Prague Castle and just generally soak up the city’s elegance.

2. Old Town Square

The beautiful Old Town Square is located right by the Charles Bridge. The square’s two tall churches are a direct giveaway of this centre’s location. The Gothic Church of Our Lady Before Týn stands at the back of the square, reminiscent of a fairytale castle, and Saint Nicholas Church’s green tipped towers are commonly the backdrop for sleek horse-drawn carriages. Architectural allures aside, the square is also a great place to people watch and sample Czech trdelník (a sweet pastry coated with cinnamon and sugar).

3. Wenceslas Street


Looking down Wenceslas Street to The Czech National Museum.

Wenceslas Street is certainly worth a wander. Lined with plenty of Art Deco buildings and bustling with life, the stunning presence of the Czech National Museum at its southeast end is simply a bonus. The square is also home to an abundance of stores and, probably most importantly, to several killer Weiner stands which should not be missed. Get your mitts on one of these traditional sausages and roam this beautiful boulevard.

4.  John Lennon Wall


The John Lennon Wall is simply a wall of graffiti-art which now loosely links to John Lennon through notions of love and peace. The attraction was born following the 1980 assassination of John Lennon when an anonymous artist painted a portrait of Lennon with accompanying lyrics upon the then-bare brick wall. Since then, the wall has evolved to become a symbol of freedom of speech within the city, as well as a known snap-worthy spot among tourists.

5. Letná Park


Daniel sipping beer at a beer garden in Letná Park, Prague.

Letná Park is situated atop a hill overlooking Prague’s Vltava River and Old Town – two iconic sites. From the park, one has magnificent views of the ‘City of a Hundred Spires’ which can be comfortably enjoyed from any of the park’s beer gardens. Beer is cheap as chips here – actually, it’s cheaper – so you’ve got no reason not to indulge in a cold one whilst hanging out on top of the city. You might even like to take a pack of cards up with you to play a few cheeky hands in this incredibly relaxing environment.

6. Lucerna Cinema

The Lucerna Cinema, which resides in the Lucerna Palace, is a place of Art Nouveau brilliance. I mean, where else will you find an installation of a man riding an upside-down horse hanging from the ceiling? Quirky. The building is a delightful show of marble, stained glass, and gilding which come together to create a feeling of early 20th-century elegance. Oh, and the selection of films on offer is wide-ranging and mostly accessible to English-speaking visitors.

7. Žižkov Television Tower

Love it or hate it, the Žižkov Television Tower has well and truly made itself at home in Prague. Completed in 1992, this spaced-out building is a visible icon across the city at a respectable height of 216 metres – the tallest building in the Czech Republic! Despite its reputation as the ‘Second Ugliest Building in the World’, the tower does offer its visitors excellent 360-degree views of the city. Also, for a fare of 250 CZK (roughly $17 NZD), heading up this postmodern eyesore is a rather affordable activity.

* * *

We hope you’ve found this blog post interesting and have come away from it feeling like Prague is worth a look. We loved this city and hope that you will too! Also, if you have any further suggestions regarding places to see and things to do in Prague, please comment below! We know we’ve only scraped the surface…

4 thoughts on “Seven Sights To Czech Out in Prague

    • Thanks, Dave! We had heard about the Old Jewish Cemetery but ran out of time to visit. Your suggestions will be on the list for our next visit 🙂

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  1. As usual, a very interesting read and well written. I felt like I was there! I didn’t know about the John Lennon wall so that was nice to learn about, it certainly sounds like an amazing city I’d like to see. Thanks

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