About Me

Kia ora!

I’m Jessy – a Kiwi twenty-something with – surprise, surprise – ginger hair. I’m excited to welcome you to my lifestyle and travel blog; I truly hope you enjoy your visit.

* * *

I haven’t always liked having red hair. Like many individuals with flame-hued tresses, I went through a phase of colouring my orange locks so as to ‘tone down’ my naturally flamboyant look.

Though, over the years, I have begun to love my vibrant hair, handed down to me from a kilt-clad people. The process is, of course, one of acceptance – a journey to self-love.

Hence, calling my blog Ginger Life felt right for me; the name is a means of making a proud claim on my ginger identityMy red hair has helped to teach me about appreciation, difference, and vibrancy – all qualities that I hope will come to define this blog.

Have you ever heard of the saying to ‘ginger’ someone up? In its verbial form, ‘ginger’ basically means to ‘liven’. Here’s hoping that my blog will ‘ginger’ your life up – supplying you with interesting and informative content which will inspire you to live a life full of zest.

Whether your interests lie in travel, teaching, home renovations, art or cooking, I think – eventually – you’ll find something appealing here on my blog – a place where I share the musings, experiences, and findings that make up my Ginger Life.

I look forward to connecting with you through my blog, and, in turn, having my life gingered to greater measures.

Nga mihi,