Three Dias in Barcelona, Spain

Everyone we talked to back home said how much they liked Spain. The place sounded like some kind of sun mecca -  a place of endless sangria and a tapa heaven - and, to be honest, I can't say that it wasn't that! Daniel and I only gave ourselves three days in Spain - well, … Continue reading Three Dias in Barcelona, Spain


Beyond Paris: Toulouse and Thuir

If I am being completely honest, Daniel and I had no idea about where to go in France, besides Paris, of course. Though, luckily for us, an accepted Trusted House Sitter's application determined our destination for us. We were off to Thuir (pronounced, Tweer) where a nineteen-year-old cat, Nina, awaited our arrival (and, yes, she's still alive). … Continue reading Beyond Paris: Toulouse and Thuir

A Holland of Greatness: Amsterdam, Gorinchem and Beyond

Amsterdam. To many, a city made memorable by the infamous red light district and the pungent aroma of cannabis wafting through the air. Memorable? Yes. Unique? Most definitely. The essence of Amsterdam? Not in our books. Instead, picture a city literally floating on the water, a pure man-made wonder; envision clusters of golden-age 'gingerbread' homes, … Continue reading A Holland of Greatness: Amsterdam, Gorinchem and Beyond

Frantastic: A Stop in Northern California

Our plane's wheels hit the tarmac with that familiar, dramatic grind, signaling our arrival in the legendary land of California. But, funnily, the sun wasn't shining and a wispy silver veil shielded the infamous city of San Francisco. Later, the region's weather patterns would become clear - figuratively - through a local saying, "The coldest … Continue reading Frantastic: A Stop in Northern California