A Beer-stop in Belgium

When you ask people what countries they will be visiting on their European tour, Belgium is rarely mentioned. To be fair, squished in next to The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France, Belgium does have some big competition. It also doesn't help that the country seems to have a reputation for being "boring" and "grey". Furthermore, … Continue reading A Beer-stop in Belgium


20 Tips for Saving Money Whilst Travelling

Travelling can be an expensive exercise but the great news is, it doesn't have to be! Having taken a full year off work, Daniel and I set ourselves a rather humble budget from which to complete our travels. So far, we're on track and it feels great knowing that we can have an awesome time … Continue reading 20 Tips for Saving Money Whilst Travelling

Frantastic: A Stop in Northern California

Our plane's wheels hit the tarmac with that familiar, dramatic grind, signaling our arrival in the legendary land of California. But, funnily, the sun wasn't shining and a wispy silver veil shielded the infamous city of San Francisco. Later, the region's weather patterns would become clear - figuratively - through a local saying, "The coldest … Continue reading Frantastic: A Stop in Northern California